Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Station

I uploaded this to Youtube to add here since Flickr did something weird with their sharing to Blogger... which is sad to me since I've had Flickr pro (paid) accounts for a long time and I have the Flickr slideshow to the side of my Blog here so you'd think they'd work with us to continue the share option for those of us who paid the pro accounts at the very least.   Besides no more sharing it makes all our slideshows and videos we've previously shared directly from Flickr now go black... what a wasted effort.  Seems once something is somewhere it shouldn't be allowed to take it back.  So much for my nice blog post Flickr video from the past being happy memories to review. Anyway.. the original post that goes with this follows.... Addendum: Flickr fixed things so the old slide shows will remain.  It sounded like a lot of people were put off with their changes.  Still no direct links to Blogger, Wordpress and some others, but we can use HTML embed and I will continue to do so. So I will carry on as usual.

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