Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt for L$ and Prizes at The Station Now!

Visit here:

Easter egg hunt.jpg
Welcome to The Station Easter Egg Hunt!  The hunt runs Tuesday through Saturday April 19th.  You will be searching for two types of eggs.  The golden eggs hold L$ and the multi-colored eggs have gifts inside.  Search the entire sim, ground level Dead City, sky level, The Floating City, and the many hidden areas around the sim to find thousands of Lindens worth of L$ and prizes, some small and some large.   The larger prizes may be harder to find, so enjoy exploring while hunting and have a great time.   Please join Miri's club group if you'd like to stay apprised of sim events.  Note: The ground level has some private residences and there will be no hidden eggs in these locations.  Please do not enter private rented residences.  The rooms that are NOT rented you may enter and search for hidden eggs. You can ride the human sling shot to get to the ground level and you can reach the sky level by taking a balloon ride up or enter the ground level fun house to teleport.  There are many hidden places in this sim.   If you have any questions please contact Kara Trapdoor, Enigmatic Deir or other sim staff if you see them around.  If an egg is not working properly, is emptied out, or there are other issues we apologize but this hunt is just for fun and no extra reimbursements will be made.  There are a lot of gifts and Lindens to find.   Thanks for visiting the sim and have fun!

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