Saturday, April 26, 2014

Avante Garde LEA8 2014

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music by: Avantegarde, "Again"
Sunday the 27th of April at 1pm second life time, a collaborative Second Life work, The Russian Avante- Garde, opens in LEA8.  The virtual world exhibition is featured on four interactive viewing stations within the Museum and was created by Alpha Auer (Turkey), Bryn Oh (Canada), Caer Balogh (USA), Eupalinos Ugajin (France), Jo Ellsmere (USA), Nessuno Myoo (Italy) and Soror Nishi (UK). This is all part of a bigger RL exhibit held in the main exhibition hall of Moscow’s Manege Museum.  Tomorrow the SL exhibit is opening and will be streamed live and included in the RL exhibit thanks to Peter Greenaway (UK) and Saskia Boddeke/Rose Borchovski (Holland) and supported by the British Council.

The whole area is very interesting and I posted many pictures a short time ago on this blog if you care to scroll back, but at this time I will focus on the Coppelian  bots by Jo Ellsmere, and made a little video recording of their movements.  I am quite mesmerized by them.  But go see the immersive exhibit before watching this video, as the exhibit is so impressive life-size and in person, well, virtual person : )  Enjoy!

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