Saturday, April 12, 2014

LEA 25, 6 and 10: Some Exciting Exhibits Now Open-LEA 25 Opens Today with Events

LEA25 Maya Paris' "Sauce"    Visit here:
This is #1 on the SL Destination Guide right now and understandably so.  It will take quite some time to explore every nook and cranny of this crazy, totally immersive, gift giving, couples loving, brilliantly colored and scripted, whimsical exhibit that must have taken a great deal of time to think up and construct.  Be sure to click everything.   "Interactive art - Test your Sauce Factor, try your luck at the Modern Love Bureau, get sparky in the Saucy Science lab and take a headlong dive into a sea of plenty more fish&chips." Be sure to pick up tons of freebies along the way, find hidden or "harder to find" places and it might be fun to take a friend as this one is a lot about "couples".
__Sauce: Maya Paris at LEA Sauce: Maya Paris at LEA __Sauce: Maya Paris at LEA_____Sauce: Maya Paris at LEA________________________________________________________________________
LEA10 Taciturnly by Selavy Oh
Visit here:
I'd read Honour McMillan's blog post about it before going, and no point in me repeating....check it out here:
I think the direct SLURL lands you right in the middle and it's a bit difficult to find anything but the falling white and slightly translucent bubbles, but I worked my way to a edge then following around the exterior... I'd suggest visitors try this.  "Main artist: Selavy Oh
The moaning and groaning,      
The sighing and sobbing,
Are quieted now,     
With that horrible throbbing
At heart:
—ah, that horrible,
      Horrible throbbing!

__Taciturnly LEA _Taciturnly LEA __Taciturnly LEA_____________________________________________________________________________
LEA6 Heartseed The Wild Side by Jedda Zenovka
Visit here:
I set my light to default and took the arial pics, nice lights, sounds, movement, and colors upon landing.  The last part of Jedda's note sums this up nicely, "While our minds and imagination evolves into the digital domain, our hands and naked feet remember the earth and other elements from which we are made. Dreamtime in this sense is the crossing over of two worlds; vision becomes solid and solid becomes visionary. It is instinct and the heart which guide us into and through this journey. The freshness of water, the spirit of a particular plant or mineral, is crafted into new form; the artist becomes the living conduit through which such essences express themselves.
Reach for the stars . .. Put your hands in  Earth!
 This is not  virtual  reality... This is Our world  ! jedda zenovka"
Heartseed at LEA Heartseed at LEA Heartseed at LEA Heartseed at LEA

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