Monday, April 21, 2014


I have been meaning to do a little thing with this song for a while and my good friend Kathy Nikolaidis' birthday was a great reason to get me going on it.  Plus it works well for Strawberry Singh's Monday meme today about poses in SL.  I'll write more later.  Anyway.. Happy Birthday Kathy!

Addendum... ok, so Berry's last Monday meme was a post about SL poses and fav poses and pose shops in SL.  See here post here:

I have so many poses and animations and I'm horrible about organizing them, so it's even hard for me to find the one I wanted as needed sometimes, but here is a shot list of some of my fav pose shops, keeping in mind that I love individual poses from a wider variety of shops.  I think I probably have some from almost any pose store in SL and it just depends on the individual pose. 
* Purple Poses (great variety and inexpensive)
*Exposeur Poses & Animations (really like their couples poses, but they also have a good variety)
*Essential Soul (love their large group poses)
*Del May (unique poses)
*oOo Studio Poses (great couples poses and others pretty unique)
*I also have and use a great many PNP poses
*Kabuki has some great poses and fun props like my snake or bike
*Diesel Works
*Chanimations has fantastic props/poses

There are just Soooo many great pose places, I can't list them all. I'm a poser for sure.

So her meme was in conjunction with the pose fair by Humanoid that has tons of great poses by a large variety of pose makers.  I did take some pics when I visited.  Visit here:

pose fair 2014_001

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