Sunday, April 27, 2014

5 Great Weekend Explores, Second Life: Paradiso at Magical forest, Santaurio, Starfall, Calas Galadhon, Kalepa

Some cool finds:

Paradiso at Magical Forest by Cainabel is a beautiful, photographic sim with magic doors to even more.  Visit here:
Paradiso Magical Forest Paradiso Magical Forest Paradiso Magical Forest Paradiso Magical Forest ********************************************************************************************************************************************************
Santaurio by Kai River is a airplane shipwrecked upon a beautiful paradise island filled with ruins, beaches, and jungle areas.  Visit here: http://m
Santaurio Santaurio Santaurio *********************************************************************************************************************************************************
Starfall Twilight's Edge by Inez Pinell and Cinderr Resident and owned by Aquaglo as a collaborative group sim. Be sure to see all 3 areas.  Again, there is more than meets the eye at ground level.  Visit here:
Starfall Starfall Starfall ********************************************************************************************************************************************************
Calas Galadhon by Tymus Tenk and Truck Meridith is a 11 sim area all decked out beautifully for spring now. Visit here:
Calas Galahdon ********************************************************************************************************************************************************
Kalepa, DaVinci Gardens, by Felix Sheppard, an oldie but a VERY goodie.  Be sure to see all the  many places in this amazing  area via teleporters. This photo is just one style, but there is much variety in this place.  Visit here:
Da Vinci Gardens Kalepa

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