Friday, August 6, 2010

My Alternate Identity Crisis

Dear Diary,
Here I am again as confused as ever in SL. I fear I am having an alt identity crisis, or maybe I am just being SL moody and obsessing again. Over time I have had friends talk to me on alts pretending to be someone completely different than themselves and not identify themselves to me as the av I know as my friend. This has caused me some frustration, a great deal of mistrust and disappointment, as well as embarrassment. I realize SL is "just a game" to some when convenient for them, but there are real feelings involved. Of course I have alts, as previously blogged, for movies, pictures, sometimes just to get some peace and quiet or do/wear/play something different and some people use them for store and club fillers, models, helping to build, etc. So there are many good reasons to have an alt, but I never mislead someone on mine. I mean.. with my guy I am quick to tell anyone that it's me and not a real guy and why I am on him, etc. I know people have other reasons for pretending to be someone completely different on an alt, but I can't think of one that seems ok and seems likely its for spying or hiding something. I have to say I have felt very "played" when not told upfront about alts. I wish all my friends would just tell me who their alts are and leave it at that. My alts are like a money pit actually, because no matter how many nice freebies I can find, I still want to buy them cool stuff too.

Note to self: Some possible signs of an alt:
-Have a very recent profile date, yet look very well put together with great skin, hair, clothes, AO, profile picks, etc. and knowledgable about all things SL.
-No payment info. on file yet still have many of the things listed above.
-Similar look/mannerisms/clothes, groups, etc. as someone else known.

Dear Diary, I really am pro alt, I just don't want to get played by them by people I think are friends. They confuse me too much. So what do you think Dear Diary, should I just go make a new alt to fool all my friends, mess with their minds, do dirty deeds? I have to wonder what the limit by LL is on the number of alts one person can have? Can I make an army of alts and take over the grid? Nah.. that wouldn't be nice and I doubt my computer could handle that. But... maybe one more just to dress up cool and play with?
Anyway, singing off, Kara.

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