Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Turing Gallery, Extropia Core

Kolor and Kara (me)Kolor in Extropia_019

Friday, August 20 I visited the opening of the interactive installation Extropia Turing Gallery, Extropia.
L1Aura Loire and Maya Paris' contributions were in the annex gallery (underwater) and Kolor Fall' in the main gallery. Kolor looked like a huge stack of cubes and Maya had on the Mer-mechanic suit. They suggested I get a free Mer-mechanic suit and a free exhibition catalog which I did.

After I picked the free items, Kolor gave me a tour of his work. He had a couple of new paintings up and then the showcase was floating cubes and encryption stuff that I didn't fully understand but knew that it was cool and I liked it. Kolor was patient and explained he's always had an enfinity for Turing's encryption. Kolor advised me chat was being recorded and sure enough whatever I locally typed instantly became part of the exhibit floating in the air temporarily. The cubes moved around and clumped and eventually I told Kolor I loved it, but wondered if he had a notecard, and he passed me one. I will quote it here:

"In general, my art creates in the observers mind an emergent keyed space, that is a spacial fabric in the persons neural network. Tension in this keyed space allows emergent paths to be created and destroyed in the observers mind, within the framework on the key that is placed in the artwork. This keyed space in the observers mind may be persistent, as they leave the install, to hopefully assist them as active observers in the physical world.
I normally do a small poem with my install ...


Tension - Emergence of space
Keys - Maps removed of form
Time - Creation torn from destruction
Love - Work without insistence"

Next I donned the Mer-mechanic suit and by this time numerous others had gathered outside also in the free suits and we all jumped into the water next to the giant telscope thing. To engage the teleoctoscope we all turned on media and there was a huge structure below with seat-like spots to sit and view sevearl "pods" of different machinima. One of my favorites was of a group of Mer-mechanics dancing. A different machinima could be viewed in each spot.

Maya in Mer-mechanic outfit.
Kolor in Extropia_022

Check it all out here in this direct link: ExtropiaHere

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