Monday, August 23, 2010

More on Emerald Viewer

Now the Metaverse Tribune provided some information that is a bit clearer to me... I think. Check it out here: MetaverseOnEmeraldHere. So Emerald is no longer on the approved LL viewer list. I'm still holding out hope this gets fixed, and soon.

I just loggged into SL for the day and was deluged with notes and info. from groups and friends about Emerald and I will just cut and past a few here.. perhaps it is ok for now after all.

"Emerald has been removed from the TPVD today due to recent events by Fractured Crystal who, as a result of those actions is no longer part of the team. Emerald has also undergone a massive restructuring in order to create assurances that the actions of all developers are transparent from this point forward. We will be re applying for the TPVD listing immediately. We expect there will be no problems with that application given our new restructured system of development.

Official announcement from The Emerald Development team attached.

I would also like to remind people that the TPVD is optional for third party viewers to join. It is not a requirement. You will not be banned for using Emerald while it is not on TPVD. In the meantime, we are re applying for it and expect to be back up full force shortly. Thank you.

The Emerald viewer project and its development team have undergone a massive and necessary restructuring in response to recent incidents caused by the project leader.

I will be glad to go into detail regarding those events after this announcement.

This restructuring is designed in such a way as to prevent anything like this from ever happening again.

From this point on, there will be no ONE single person running Emerald Development.

We are all going to be on a level playing field. All decisions, changes, and alterations to any code or anything at all, will be done transparently and democratically.

Part of this restructuring process also involved the necessary removal of the developer who is responsible for these past incidents; as a result Fractured Crystal was invited to resign and has done so today.

As of NOW, All affiliation between Modular Systems/Fractured Crystal and the Emerald Viewer have been permanently severed. A new domain has been purchased and we are currently getting our new website online.

The website will be hosted at and should be online and operational shortly.

Ownership and control of the servers used to host the Emerald Viewer downloads and website have been transferred to Arabella Steadham who will maintain the hosting as a neutral party for the project.

Aside from the downtime of the website, our users should experience no changes that will affect them directly.

Also today, as a result of the incidents in question, Linden Lab removed Emerald from the TPVD. We expected this might happen and have since provided the Lab with information regarding our new changes, structure and goals. We hope to be back on the TPVD soon.

Our two biggest regrets are first and for most that these incidents ever took place, and second, that we failed to take this radical action sooner.

We sincerely hope that these significant internal changes will help us restore some trust and faith from our users and from Linden Lab in regards to the integrity of the Emerald Viewer Development team.

Thank you"

"If you are told that Emerald Viewer has been removed from the TPVD and so using it will result in your being banned from SL - or some such, please proceed as follows:

1. Ask the person to verify information before spreading panic, because that info is FALSE.
2. Inform the person that Emerald is being re-registered on the TPVD under new leadership.
3. Tell the person that is is damned stupid to spread panic - stupid and irresponsible.
4. Delete the note card.
5. Go about your day/night as usual.

Thank you.

(*) TPVD = Third Party Viewer Directory

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