Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Fun Sims to Explore

Madpea Devil's Labyrinth-#1 spot on Showcase Saturday so I checked it out. This is actually more of an adventure game, to make it through the labyrinth. Not even close to an ordinary maze. This is great fun, but even more fun with friends! Check it out here: LabyrinthHere.

Simplexity a is a totally immersive multi-media-based virtual environment by Toth Jantzen. There is a serious epilepsy warning, so be careful here. Lots of cool flashing vids and music, a wild tunnel ride, amazing places with lights and sound to dance to, just really a first of it's kind I think. Turn on media for this one.
Check it out here: SimplexityHere.

ZombiePopcorn or Bust is some of the most fun you will have shopping in a while, as the whole sim and stores are set up in true horror/run down fashion complete with amusement park, church and creepy graveyard, girly shows, casino, etc. filled with fun things and shopping. Some name brands included Callie Cline, Snatch, Ducknipple, LouLou and Co. and many more.

Check it out with direct link here: ZombieHere.

My RL/SL sis, Piper Palianta, gave me Landmarks for two different sims filled with nature and beauty and lots of individual and couples poses. First I was a fairy in Glendalough,Topaz Island. Check it out here: GlendaloughHere.

Fairy Night

Then I checked out Emerald Green, a very pretty sim including a lot of stray lights, waterfalls, various levels of natural beauty best with a friend or partner to try out all the the sweet poses and dances. Don't miss the underwater garden too.

Check it out here: EmeraldGreenHere.

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