Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Amadeus, Machinima by SpyVspy Aeon-premier Aug 12

Photo I took during filming

Tomorrow, August 12 at 2pm SLT SpyVproductions in association with presents a machinima premier at Versailles, Chateau de Verssailles-Parterre, Chateau de Versailles 120, 128, 28. SpyVspy has been working on his production this summer and asked if I'd like a role, which of course I did. He is one of SL's leading machinimatographers. But alas, my U.S. day work hours did not work well for the rest of the cast and crew, so I was only able to spend a short time with the group. This became a first for me. When SpyVspy called me up he said he was in need of a guy, and when I asked him if he wanted me to find a free guy for him, he said, nah, just come and be a guy=ROFL! So I did. And to top it off I was not the only female playing a male role that day. But in the end I was not able to continue with their schedule so gave up my male role. (See above pic and I am the man in the blue). Spy advised me his end production is a lot better than his trailer, but here is the trailer and I look forward to seeing the final product when I get home from work later in the day tomorrow when he will have posted the final on Youtube following the premier party. I have very high expectations, knowing his prior works. Land here for the premier AmadeusHere.

SpyVspyYoutubeHere. Yes, yes, I know the right 1/4 is cut off, sorry, I don't know why.

On a separate machinima note, today I dropped by Spotlight TV Live as the host Scorpinosis interviewed Chantal Harvey on the 48 hour film project, which will be September 17-19, 2010 this year. Teams get together to make a machinima with some starter information and specific expectations and the winning team goes on to Filmapalooza in real life. Filmmakers from all over the variety of virtual worlds will compete to see who can make the best short film in only 48 hours. The winning film will go up against films from around the world. Their website for more information is: 48hrFilmSiteHere.
Also RL info. here:

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