Friday, August 6, 2010

It Was A Blur-another temporary sim to visit

Back home trying on the block dress by Vintage McMilliam, Radio Signals and omgwtf barbeque I got at "It Was a Blur"
I finally had a good lag free visit ('tried before and when too many people were there I just couldn't fully appreciate) to "It was a blur" sim. Check it out here: MirrorBlurHere. Their information asks, "Do you remember? It went by so fast. It's fuzzy. Hard to pin down." Well, that is a good description. This sim has a whole lot of white in it. There are items created by the artists to help you blur with the environment and it's clearly encouraged to participat in the art, with poses, animations, sounds and machinima to aid in the full realization of the works. I think I should have worn white. This is a 4 week experience running from July 16 until August 16, 2010, so hurry on over and don't miss the pose and play options for all the white blur. Participating artists include:

Allegory Malaprop
Apatia Hammerer
Bryn Oh
Daelia Dollinger
Jojorunoo Runo
Juliette Westerburg
Lyndyn Tzara
Miel Nirvana
Moo Money
Note Buaku
OMGWTF Barbecue
Radio Signals
Redd Columbia
Riki Yifu
Sanura Sakai
Selavy Oh
Serj Enoch
Sienia Trevellion
Stoic Ixchel
Surrealia Anatine
Vintage McMillain
And others.

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