Saturday, August 7, 2010

8-7-10 Weekend Events and Things to Remember

-8-7-10 opening at 12pm. 2010 SL Shoe Fair to benefit Soles4Souls. This event will run from August 7 to August 22 at 6pm SLT, 2010. Over 50 Shoe Designers from across the grid willl be showcasing their creations (most with new items introduced exclusively at the expo!) and helping to sponsor and support the benefit. In addition there will be a flickr photo contest, a Blogger contest, and a massive blow-out party at the end of the Expo.

-8-8-10 The Second Football League will hold its first ever draft on Sunday, August 8, 2010 beginning at 4pm SLT. (I can't go though.. only open to draftees, press, and one member per team)

-8-7-10 5-7pm SLT Vixie Durant's 4th rez day party with Strum Diesel and Max Kleene at NYC Shhh Nightclub, New Your NYC (245, 115, 23)

-8-7-10 voting closes at midnight for UWA (Imagine catagory) People's Choice July round of the UWA Art & Design Challenge then,
-8-8-10 the winners announcements and party for the JULY UWA Round will be 6am SLT, SUNDAY 8th AUGUST Place:

-8-7-10 to 8-9-10 Jamm for Genes/jeans for genes, fundraiser live music weekend to benefit Children's Medical Research Institute, a Australian charity with global benefits. The Pocket among other venues across SL participating with some of our fav SL live musicians.

And gallery info:
-8-8-10 at 1pm slt: Muselight Gallery Opening: exhibition of Ariel Brearly.
-LX Gallery : Raven Tales by CapCat Ragu. Opened till mid-September.
-Artis Gallery : Ballerinas and Butterflies by Morgana Nagorski. Runs until 30 September
-Vertex Gallery : Sinergy, an exhibition of the works of Zolar Merlin and Lifer Bloobury. Opened till the end of September
-smArt Gallery : Awakened by Ally Oompa. Opened till till september 2nd.
(gallery info thanks to Aelin Quan via Flickr)

-Also many great hunts to wade through.

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