Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yay- Talamasca Bengals, Cheerleaders with the Second Football League!

(Me in middle-top pic, and this end in bottom pic. Also, Aealla Illyar and Kathy Nikolaidis)
Today I had an official practice with the cheer squad for the SLF Talamasca Bengals football team. There has been a HUGE amount of work and organization by many people in the beginning of this new SL sport. A week ago today began player drafts and prior to that many cheerleader applicants went through basic training, exhibition and drafts which continue.

Romeo Torvalar is the founder and CEO of the SFL. The SFL, launched in May of this year, utilizes revolutionary animations and other components to bring Second Life residents a truly immersive and life-like American football experience. With killer-app custom design and animation, including the ability for Players to be injured in real time, unique merchandising, and an independent team ownership structure, the SFL is creating an exciting new way for Football to be virtual. It will have over 32 teams with owners, players, cheerleaders and coaches. The SFL has an exclusive contract with TreetTV, one of SL’s most watched networks. I guess league games are slated to begin some time in September.

Dirk Talamasca is our team owner along with Journey McLaglen, and Aealla Illyar is the Cheer Coach. I feel lucky to be with this team as I hear Dirk Talamasca is with SL Mentors, JIRA Participant, Linden Lab Good Citizen and is said to be an extremely talented builder and active in making SL a better place for residents. I was very excited when Journey, designer and owner of Prism Haute Couture and BOSL writer, called me up in the last cheerleader draft and along with Aealla offered me a spot on their squad.

I think the little avs look so cute in the matching outfits and sync'd cheer/dance routines. I'm looking forward to getting our team squad outfits. Even the practice is fun, but I sure hope I don't crash during a game performance. I guess everyone is going to need to come see Kara cheer/dance then stay to cheer on our team. I haven't told them yet I have an awesome tiger skin and also av.. wonder what they'd think of that! Yay for cute mascots too! O, and a totally awesome stadium that is like real inside and out!

I have heard that it might not be too late to apply for player and cheerleader spots, so if interested, check it out.

Check out the commercial: For streaming to SL:

For web streaming or to download to your home computer:

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