Sunday, April 28, 2013

LEA16 Ascension

Visit here:
LEA16 Ascension by Kara 2
I visited Ascension by Mantis Oh today at LEA16.  Their info. reads:
"*** ASCENSION ***
LEA art project SIM
by Mantis Oh
"Ascend yourself, and who know's what will follow?"
Greetings life form, and welcome to *** ASCENSION ***
This is a Linden endowed sound & art SIM installation by Mantis Oh (RL: Cari Lekebusch). Enter the Ascension tower (ground level) and explore the 7 ascending levels. It is vital for SIM experience that you have a minimum of 96 meters draw distance. Sounds should be turned up maximum in the volume control settings. SIM also features glow, light, shine, scripted creatures, animated textures, particles and interactive sound effects.
In the event areas (Sphinx club, Ultra club, Beach club plus secret areas) there will be a line of parties and informational events held during the ongoing LEA period. Information around this will be posted on the monitor sceens around the landing point, as well as in group notices and IM (LEA Endowment, HYBRID PRODUCTIONS and other groups).
There is also a special side mission treasure hunt. Find the mystical orbs scattered around the island, after speaking to the well of knowledge.
LEA art installation - Located in center south of SIM landing point
--- ULTRA CLUB ---
Event area - Located in center of SIM (808 meters)
Event area - Located in center north of SIM landing point
--- BEACH CLUB ---
Event area - Located in south west corner of SIM landing point
Will give you hints where to find the mystical orbs. Located in the SE corner. You can also use the direct teleport screen at the landing point.
Sister of knowledge will grant you items if you solve her riddle. Located near the Beach club.
Explore the SIM, who know's what you might find =]
LEA16 Ascension by Kara 2LEA16 Ascension by Kara 2
H-Productions is a RL Techno record label by swedish RL producer / DJ Cari Lekebusch. In Secondlife H-Productions features as a label as well as a graphic and sound design venture.  Join our SL group HYBRID PRODUCTIONS for news, events and randomness. More RL info, facebook and other community pages can be reached via the URL's below.
H-Productions - Headquarters Island and mainshop:

SL Marketplace merchant shop URL:
Hybrid Productions can not be held responsible for any kind of outher dimensional experiences, and extra or ultraterrestrial abductions in relation to use of Hybrid products. All rights reserved (C) Cari Lekebusch / H-Productions / Lekebusch Musik AB"

I enjoyed exploring the ground level of interesting and attractive foliage then the main cyber area as shown in the photo below, then I explored the 7 level towers up through a variety of clublike futuristic settings to the top, where you will find a gift for visitors making it up there.  The lights and sounds are fun so be sure to click on things to trigger reactions. 

LEA16 Ascension by Kara 2

Some additional press info:
" Set in an ancient/futuristic landscape with surreal plants and hybrid insects, Ascension takes the visitor on a trip of sound, color and light.
Explore the seven levels of the Ascension tower and lose yourself in a mysterious world where musical notes appear from under your feet, where robotic bumblebees hover close by and where particles shimmer in the alien atmosphere.
Create your own music alone or with friends by jumping on the glowing sound pads and solve riddles under the illuminated eyes of the mantis sphinx!
Sound is important to the Ascension experience, so make sure your local sounds are on and walk through the whole sim to discover mystical places and secret trails.
Created by Mantis Oh (Cari Lekebusch in RL) you can also look forward to a schedule of Techno music events and DJ sets from RL record label H-Productions."
It’s time to ascend…
Ascension Machinima:

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