Thursday, April 18, 2013

Garden Of Dreams for the Fantasy Faire

Visit Garden of Dreams here:

For more information about the Fantasy Fair, a Relay for Life fundraiser in Second life visit their offical site here:

The annual Second Life Fantasy Fair is opening Saturday April 20! In the mean time I am playing with this super cool airship from one of the most impressive venders in SL who will be present at the Fantasy Faire in the Lumenaria sim.   Garden of Dreams, otherwise know as GOD by Kayle Matzerath has this airship for sale.  Their store is an amazing explore in itself and has so many magical and amazing builds, including items to decorate a sim such as landscaping, vehicles, furniture, decorations, surroundings, freebies and so much more. GOD is also home to the well known Dreamscenes which are wonderfully decorated skyboxes of all kinds.  I especially love their impressive fantasy styles.  As I said, a visit to their huge store area is like a fun explore for me and I grabbed a shot of this same airship there too, which is currently featured in their main store.
Untitled by Kara 2

I flew the airship around my sim and it was a blast.  The air ship featured here comes with a variety of movement controls and animations, is easy to drive even for me, and it's highly detailed.

Garden Of Dreams Airship by Kara 2

Next I checked out their Library Dreamscene which is a large highly detailed library rezzer that includes poses in each of the normal bookshelves, reading animations, display boxes that can open and close, the couch has dozens of cuddle and sex animations, all the chairs have a lot of sit animations including read and write with book and feather, a fireplace with room for 3 people, window sills will cuddles, sex and singles sits.  I love the the textures and shadows and details that make it all look so real. Check it out at GOD.

The Library by Kara 2

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