Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"A Steampunk Christmas" The Adventures of Bel and Soni-Adorable Book Made in SL

A Steampunk Christmas
(book cover texture courtesy of Sonicity Fitzroy)

My friend Sonicity Fitzroy is at it again and this time the RL published author has made a SL children's book called, "A Steampunk Christmas" The Adventures of Bel and Soni. The story is a whimsical steampunk adventure of 2 young girls with very different personalities, their curious cat, and a runaway Christmas present. Their pursuit of the enchanted gift leads them on their adventure and full circle back home in time for Christmas day. The vibrant colors, and adorable steampunk styling lends to beautiful illustrations complimenting this enjoyable Christmas story.

Soni is giving away her book for free just in time for Christmas. I think they'd make great Christmas gifts and I'm not just saying that because my avatar plays the role of the mischievous cat. The books can be found in kiosks at Lowe Runo Productions Office and A Flicker in Time Art Gallery.

To view the book online head on over to: or direct link here: SonisBookHere.

To pick up a free copy head on over to Lowe Runo Productions, LLC office here: or direct link here: LRPHere. Or at A Flickr in Time Gallery here: or direct link here: FlickerInTimeHere.

(I took some sneaky pics of my own during production)
Picnik collage