Monday, December 12, 2011

LaVie Christmas Gifts--Awesome!

Visit here: or direct link here: LaVieHere.
LaVie Freebie Hat, and A Lot More
LaVie has outdone themselves again. This great skin store has a super cool December group gift of a full santa av/outfit for the guys and a snowflake full av/outfit for the girls. We all know LaVie is quality. But they also have presents all around their store filled with very nice items such as pajamas, scarves, and a lot of nice things that I will let you find for yourselves and not spoil all the surprise. Then on a table out front there is this cool hat with a lot of nice Christmas scene detail on the brim. There are also skates and hats in the back near skating and a snowman that will throw snowballs at you. Enjoy.

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