Saturday, December 3, 2011

AlchemyImmortalis and Vitabelas -Two Great Very Different Wonderful Places

Visit AlchemyImmortalis here: or direct link here: AlchemyImmortalisHere.

Visit Vitabelas here: or direct link here: VitasHere.

Two very different but awesome sims combined in this photo I took today. I purchased this amazing outfit at Vitabelas which is a great store for women's clothes, dresses, fairy/mermaid outfits, hair, accessories AND to explore and play in a sort of fantasy sim that is beautifully decorated. Then I saw some gorgeous hanging ornaments I wanted to put out for decorations and lo and behold they are FREE at AlchemImmortalis a old world type sim that is also an exceptional explore with rainy mountains full of sheep and lots of beauty. There are stores full of old world magical things, cottages, furniture, jewelry, well a huge variety. If you head toward the back there is a little room with a Christmas tree and fireplace area with a bunch of presents set to free under the tree. The beautiful ornaments are in one of the boxes and the rest of the gifts are also very special.

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