Saturday, December 31, 2011

2nd Annual Props and Pose Fair January 1st through 8th

The 2nd Annual Props and Pose Fair runs January 1 through 8th 2012 to benefit the International League Against Epilepsy. The sim opens at 9am SLT New Years Day. Visit here: or direct link here: PoseFairHere
Props & Pose Fair
Event participants include: FlyLily Poses, Hopscotch, Purple Poses, LiLau [E3D] Enchant3D Emporium, Razmataz, shopo.OposeShop, Stylas, Diesel Works Poses & Animations, katapult, Sparrowtree Studios, Still Life, IMMA POSE, SERENADE, Pichanga Poses, *Boof., DARK creations, CheerNo, CONCRETE FLOWERS, =random kitten=, Propositions! Pose Company, Glizzarl, Random-Onics & Pink Wolf, Adore&Abhor, (Cracked Mirror), Apple Spice, KamreK Creations, Kabuki Creations, Sterling Artistry, Abby Lane, PNP, ROZENA, Sleeping Koala, *RRS* Rose River Saloon, Wetcat & Rack Poses.
Pose Fair
Official Props and Pose Fair Blog here: or direct link here: PropsandPoseFairHere.
International League Against Epilepsy here: or direct link here: ILAEHere.

Kathy & I Doing A Demo at the Pose Fair
(Kathy & I trying out a demo)

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