Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Master Plan-Of Home and Furniture Shopping-And Rich Old Men

Ok ladies, here's the plan, we'll get some "rich old dude" to shack up with the 3 of us girls together so we can live in this beautiful mansion.. Kathy said (Or, something like that)

I added, We'll lay in wait at the entrance and jump him when he comes shopping for a mansion, and he won't know what hit him when our 3 beautiful young avatars approach with our womanly wiles.

Then we will drug him when it's our turn to have "special time" with hims so he won't remember or know what didn't happen, and later tell him how great he was so we won't REALLY have to be with him that way. Emma suggested. (I think she said)

And so the plan progressed. Emma graciously offered to sacrifice the master bed and bedroom to myself, Kathy and the "rich old dude" and take one of the spare bedrooms, to which Kathy and I secretly bemoaned we didn't think of that first. Although Kathy and I were very pleased with the 2 spacious his and her's closets in the master bedroom but wondered where the "rich old dude" would put his things though. All three of us dreamed of laying around in the luxurious sun room (which Emma advised she thought rich people surely called it a conservatory, but then Kathy said that was only in Clue) with a good book and some tea in our spare time while "rich old dude" would surely be napping.

"Rich old dude" was not coming along to the mansion demo area fast enough so we began exploring our contact lists for possibilities. Cougar Kathy has a few very young prospects on the back burner and so I requested she ask one of them if they have a "rich old dude" grandfather they might contribute to our cause.

We really thought this was a good plan, I mean wouldn't any sane "rich old dude" be thrilled to have the 3 of us easy ladies, but I won't say free, as in the end this would be a very costly venture for any "rich old dude". This was all happening at the very cool Prefabulous homes demo area. Apparently all 3 of us ladies like to shop for homes, furnishings, clothes, well anything. And somehow we ended up at this high quality and impressive home store.

Meanwhile Emma had been macking on one of Eliza Wierwight's homes. All three of us LOVE Elia's furniture and decor and she is known for her amazing art in SL. We also checked out this place Emma eventually ended up buying as ironically it went on sale this week for a limited time.

We also checked out The Abiss beach house. I was the first one in the hot tub and we all enjoyed the many built in poses too such as in the closet : )
Abiss-Beach House
(The Abiss)

We visited Bellarose which also sells fine furnishing and homes. I found a house I might just make my next one.

Visit Pre Fabulous here: or direct link here: PreFabulousHere.
PreFabulous Mansion


Visit The Abiss Interior here: or direct link here: AbissHere.

Visit Patron here: or direct link here: PatronHere.

Visit Bellarose here: or direct link here: BellaroseHere.

Later I also checked out the wonderful store, The Loft,for furniture here: or direct link here: TheLoftHere.

Later in the evening Emma excitedly emailed me soon after we had all said goodnight because it was so late and she told me Eliza had just put her Christmas garland for sale.. we met each other over there again and snatched some up. Ironically we both had been complaining to each other how we so wanted Eliza's garland that she had all over her store but not for sale. Then wallah.. it went on sale for us.

Now you might ask yourself why three young ladies were out house and fine furniture shopping all evening instead of looking some more for Mr. Right of the mansion sort.. well.... I was on a mission to find some nice furniture for my latest adventure. It's still in the making and top secret but I will say it comes with a little winter wonderland area with tons of props and poses and fun things to play on. And I'll give a hint... it starts with "Art" and ends with "Gallery". Yup.. and it will have a little something for and from everyone I think. Soooo, I'll keep the blog posted. Meanwhile if there are any "rich old dudes" reading this... give me a call.

And about the "rich old dude" thing .. none of us are really that shallow, we were actually just joking about that .... sort of.

(And to think I blogged about trying hard to find nice homes and furniture in SL about a year ago, and now there are so many nice things--as a side note I am still in a LaGalleria home with some of their furnishing, which I love)


  1. LOL Bravo Bravo!! Loved it!! Now what's next? :)

  2. You summed it up so well! It was such a blast. Love me some SL shopping.

    I tend to think perhaps Eliza was eavesdropping on our conversations on that shopping trip. That or she has amazing mind reading skills as it was all just too coincidental and timely!!!

    I think Div is up for it btw ~winks~

    As to the wreath garland thangs, I was NOT eavesdropping TYM. Though I did have a whole heap of customers asking for them and caved after I had invested enough time in new texture alternatives to make it feel like fair trade for L$. I'm odd that way ~laughs~

    Hate to think what you three will get up to next, I truly do .....

  4. ROFL Divi did volunteer .. I think he fits the bill : )

    And as for the garland.. yeah .. um, we wondered about the eves dropping thing really but we couldn't find you online, and anyway as we became more and more frustrated not finding it for sale you prob didn't really want to hear what we were saying about you .. until AFTER we found it for sale.. then .. o yes we all LOVE Eliza : ) Actually we had another plan to get you to sell it to us, but thankfully you evesdropped and put it up for sale. Woot woot!

    BTW, you need to advertise more that free wreath you have up O M G sooo nice : ) Looove it