Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SL7B-Happy Birthday SL/Censorship Issues Abound!

Happy Birthday

SL7B is officially open as of Monday and I was fortunate enough to see some of the opening day events, between crashes that is. Apparently half of Second Life wanted to see Phillip Linden's opening speech so that proved to be a bit difficult for my computer, but I did get to see some of it. The SL7B theme is Unexpected Collaborations (see my prior post on this).
Dates to remember:
-June 21—10:00 a.m. SLT: Gates open to the public for the opening ceremonies.
-June 23—The Birthday!
-June 26—Official closing ceremony.
-June 27—Last day of entertainment.
-July 3—Gates close.
Check it out here: SL7BHere.

Mankind Tracer at SLB opening

For more good information on SLB7 check out these sites: SL7BWordpressHere.



This year there is quite a bit of controversy with SL7B around the content they allowed or more specifically didn't allow to present. Apparently one well known and loved talented artist, rose Borchovski, was denied the opportunity to present her art installation: She states, "My Susa Bubble Installation : The Kiss has been returned to me from the SL7B sims where Linden is celebrating Secondlife. I quote “The images on your build are in violation of our general rating, to be clear: Nudity is not allowed at art events with a general maturity rating.”

While the content is "artistic nude" and not pornography, Linden Labs clearly followed it's terms of service in denying this. A large part of The SL artistic community is in a uproar over this rejection responding with protests, responses and a petition to LL regarding this issue. It seems many people I speak to have feelings one way or the other on this. There even seems to be a bit of spill over in other forums about censorship.

Susa Bubble

If you are interested in this subject here is the most informative link on the current issue and situation:

roseHere. Direct link, or you can try here:
(note: personally I really appreciate the well stated first comment on this site left in response by well known and respected RL/SL artist Filthy Fluno.)

Some other's views on the subject:


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