Thursday, June 17, 2010

Linden Memorial

So by now I'm sure everyone has heard of all the Linden Lab employee layoffs. Apparently 30% were laid off recently in additon to 5% this past April. Today I visited the spontaneous Linden Memorial in honor of the departed Lindens. This "graveyard" can be visited at Rouge sim here: LindenMemorial.

I took a few pics to show how people have left items on the graves in memory of their Linden friends. I also show a ariel view of the sim which I have always found interesting due to the land shape and coloring from above... check it out. Information about the sim is as follows:

"Welcome to Rouge, Codie's sim. Hope you will enjoy your stay.

>> Get all the news about Rouge!

CodeBastard "Codie" Redgrave is the creator of the infamous Boudoir Rouge portrait series, developer of the MachinimaCam and Dramavatar fashion line, and owner of the Code Red Lounge and Gallery.

The aesthetic design of Rouge was conceptualized by Redgrave and legendary builder, Eshi Otawara. From that point, Otawara used her skills as a builder, designer and artist to create a multi-purpose destination that will serve as the new home of the Boudoir Rouge Gallery Walk, Code Red lounge and Rouge Boutique.

Just over 2500 prims were used to create the basic structure, artwork and furnishings. Otawara's judicious use of mega-prims and unique textures has created a locale never before seen in Second Life. The land is formed in the shape of a female silhouette outfitted with artistic touches signature to Rouge's proprietress. Visitors to the sim will instantly recognize Redgrave's signature color, and the sim's namesake, as well as her ever-present red stilettos. A black and red feather boa serves as the roof of the Gallery Walk and a shock of wavy hair provides cover for the Code Red Lounge. "

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