Friday, June 18, 2010


Asil Ares, Sim Owner and Creator

A few nights ago I visited a new sim called NeoVictoria, by owner and creator, Asil Ares, who is also know for her support of machinimatography. There is a website for this sim that you can visit here: NeoVictoriaWebsiteHere.

Asil gave us a tour of the role play and machinima areas. Our group consisted of Asil, myself, and friends and machinimatographers, Lowe Runo and Sonicity Fitzroy of MAG, PROMAG, and Lowe Runo Productions, LLC. We quickly changed into steampunk type clothes and off we went for a nice tour of this very large impressive area. The roleplay setting is a futuristic steampunk area with the character archetypes of the Community Combat System (CCS). NeoVictoria is already recently open, but there is a grand opening being planned for the near future.

NeoVictoria includes a skymall full of steampunk, Victorian and Gothic fashions, accessories, machinima tools and weapons. There was a large practice area and 7 seas. We toured the park, part of the interesting sewer system, maze, and nice machinima areas including settings and information designed to assist and provide for the ultimate machinima filming. I cammed out to see some interesting sites such as a steampunk skyship and other land areas we didnt quite make it to, as there is a lot to see and do. 3 of the 7 rental properties are already rented, but if interested hurry on over. The area is a role play area, not designed to be a build or script zone. Asil provided the rules which do state a request to film needs to be made, but still photos are readily allowed, so I took a few quick shots on our tour.

Lowe and I try out one of the machinima friendly areas.

Asil states it best herself in her website information about why she bought two sims for NeoVictoria. She says, " was only a matter of time before I learned I needed the technical control of a full SIM to shoot machinima the way I wanted to make it. And then, the desire to expand that vision into a community began to take hold. I love the possibility of a community whose roleplay isn’t lost once the scene is over. I don’t desire NeoVictoria to be SIM-chain with hundreds of players and dozens of factions, but rather, a small community of gifted artists who work together to bring their stories out of SecondLife and into the world of the real...
There are two SIMs (or regions) in the NeoVictoria estate: Machinima and NeoVictoria. NeoVictoria is our main SIM; here the great Strato Moblis giant airship watches over the town of NeoLondon. The land-level of NeoVictoria will have no rental properties, it purports to be a living city, with a market, church, municipal buildings and role-play shops, as well has an extensive underground. Look for fun stuff and special events to celebrate the opening of the main SIM."

Maze Entry Sign

Asil in front of the MAG NING live feed located in the machinima area

Check out NeoVictoria in SL here: NeoVictoriaHere.
or here:

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