Saturday, June 26, 2010


Watch Out Boys, She's Got Her Guns!

Dolce Enderfield goes Gaga

Today I visited the DEJAVOGUE, Fashion District GAGAnista event sponsored by VISTA Animations, Diram, G Sloane Couture and produced and choreographed by Dolce Enderfield. The show featured models dancing to choreographed dances in Diram outfits in front of a huge Gaga stage. Vista recently released a new set of smooth Gaga dances and I actually picked up a set on XStreet last week, but they were available on display and for sale at this event too. Check them out at Vista Animations.

There was a dress rehersal and then costume party last night and today after the show many people went to DEJAVOGUE club to contiune the dancing.

The district includes the club, offices and stores: Shiki, Sascha's Designs, Styles of edo, Nefertiti Kimagawa, Bellissima, Prism, Kastle Rock-Couture, and plans for others. I actually browsed the shops and picked up a few beautiful dresses while I was there. Check out this nice shopping area.

O and by the way, did I mention I like Lady Gaga music and made a video a while back?

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