Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Black & Blue Fair 2010

Tonight I visited the Black & Blue Fair. I have to admit, I had not heard anything about this until the day before yesterday when my sis asked me what it was and I didn't know. Of course then I had to find out. I also had a information card about the fair today just waiting for me in SL. The information provided was that the SL Black and Blue Fair 2010 is an event put together to help de-stigmatise mental health issues. The Black and Blue fair is full of not only exclusive fashions from amazing designers, but also bits of information about mental health issues. So you can do some shopping and educate yourself at the same time! It's brought to us by Kira Seerose with some help from Melisande Metaluna, Prue Genira and Avy Fhang. Ray Habercom was the venue builder. Soho Urban Living, Sofia Diage & Johno Boucher furshished it. Dr. Trouble Inglewood provided information about The Center for Hope, at Viaggo Wellness Center in SL. Dr. Trouble has been counseling in SL since 2008 and per report he is well qualified RL.

All the items at the fair are only available there, so don't miss out on some really great stuff. The fair runs until July 3rd. The majority of the clothes and other items are black and/or blue, and I especially enjoyed the misc. other items including some poses and props. Many of the items were very inexpensive. I'd say the majority of the items for purchase were for women, bu they had some great stuff for the guys and ladies will want to drag their men in anyway, as I saw some his and her items. Check it all out here:

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