Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back With Ballyhoo!....Igor Ballyhoo

I received a notice from one of my fav SL groups, "Open This End", that my friend Igor Ballyhoo is having his "Forest of Scissors" exhibition at UTSA ArtSpace Sim. The grand opening will be Thursday, June 17, 2010 at 2pm SLT. Igor will be there to meet and you will have the opportunity to experience the surrealistic environment. Ok, well I live and work in the states, and that is not a good time for me, but I wanted to see the scissors again (Note my earlier blog about Igor and his smaller version scissors forest) and so I tp'd on over today.

Igor was around when I dropped in. There is a free scissors ballet for all who visit to take a copy. I clicked the large scissors and was zapped to the Forest. The scissors forest that is. I had Igor in IM and he explained that the forest holds 187 scissors each 25 meters high. I asked and he suggested the windlight Analu Outdoor City lights as being closest to what his dream about them would be. So I snapped some pics of course, here for you to see, but they certainly don't come close to the surreal feeling one has when wandering through the immense forest. I tp'd in my exploring buddy who I also had in IM, then we met up with Theoretical Afterthought, a Flickr friend. Theoretical wanted to meet Igor who had left by this time, so I called him up and he came back to talk and help us examine his works better. Igor is a great guy and very humble about his fame with his works. Theoretical even commented about Igor's approachability with us.

Somehow I ended up with a notecard from Igor about the forest and how it evolved out of a dream he had. He dreamed one night of walking through an endless forest of scissors and although the sound he said was actually a kind of sharp wind almost like a slicing or cutting wind sound hard for him to describe he opted for some calming music for his exhibit, as he said the dream was actually very calming. The notecard indicates he reviewed some online interpretations about dreaming of scissors which indicated it could be about the Thread of Life, or represent unity and the coming together of the spiritual and physical. Emotional perspective suggesting the idea of cutting the non-essential out of our lives, and everyday aspects suggesting a sharp hurtful tongue or cutting remarks, with sharping suggesting we need to be more precise in our communication, whereas blunt scissors suggest that we are likely to create a problem through speaking too bluntly. (hmmm.. hard sometimes to communicate precisely in SL with no visual cues or even voice affect... just an observation on my part) Anyway, I have to laugh at his closing remarks in his notecard: And I quote,, "bullshit... I shared it with you and if you have any idea what it could mean, feel free to speak! If you are a nutjob, I will mute you of course." Hahahah, he is so funny. But seriously a very friendly and approachable guy.

When back at the starting point Igor suggested we check out his Axis Mudi and we all tp'd up to to view and discuss this and of course we were all snapping pics. Igor said something very profound about this work, such as something about how black, and grey and white ... it's hard to tell the difference, and something about the center of the earth. But then I've forgotten exactly what he said, so will have to ask again, because it really was just that profound. A pity I didn't write that one down. O, well that is me, so much is lost, but at least I seem to catch a lot of good stuff and meet some amazing people along the way, such as during this SL exploration. I guess it's like the Axis Mudi: A ubiquitous symbol that crosses human cultures. The image expresses a point of connection between sky and earth where the four compass directions meet. At this point travel and correspondence is made between higher and lower realms.

Check it out tomorrow at the grand opening. You are sure to be pleased. And, don't forget the freebie scissor ballet. While visiting be sure to see the many other great works around the area. Check it out here:
Igorhere. Direct link, or

Axis Mudi

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