Sunday, June 20, 2010

SL Village People

Last night it seemed like there was a lot to do and many of my friends were working on things individually, but then very late (early this morning to be precise) I was in IM with my good friend Sonicity Fitzroy who said she had a second wind, so she and her husband Shock Soderstrom came on over to my place. We started getting goofy dancing and playing around and Jonnie Chun joined us. Then Lowe Runo showed up and we all got really crazy with vehicles, costumes, etc., and one thing led to another.. blame it on the second wind. Around 3am we decided we looked pretty cute in various costumes and some of us were looking kinda Village Peopleish so a machinima was mentioned. Done deal! I think I went to bed around 4 am.. or later. Hahaha.. such is my Second Life. Producer Lowe, the machinimaster, gets the thanks. Be sure to visit his YouTube for many more good vids and leave him some nice comments.
LoweRunoYouTubeHere. Or here:

YMCA Second Life from LoweRuno on Vimeo.

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