Saturday, June 12, 2010

Liquidity Tours Sunday & Monday: Glyph Graves

Sunday, Glyph will give tours of his Liquidity Installation at IBM Exhibition sim. His tours will be Sunday 5pm SLT and again 9AM Monday SLT. This sim is loaded with interactive objects.

Glyph has many amazing things going on in his works. His note card states: "Many things are interactive either directly or indirectly such as the cascade triggered by the falling of a climber (go seek the heights). Others will stalk you till they are pushed to their limit before they reveal their nature. But then this is only right, indeed this is the nature of virtual worlds, the nature of all simulation. It is inherently plastic unlike the physical world we are used to, that we are conditioned to." Personally I really enjoyed riding around in some of the things, the fish and underwater area, and the information about the protoza: "This isn't just a simple RL/SL communication project it is literally real life mediated and projected into a new virtual existence. Somewhere in the bowels of Perth in the Studio of Electronic Arts at Curtin University, WA, Australia there is a lonely petri dish sitting on a bench. Inside this petri dish is a colony of Protozoa. Their movement is captured through video microscopy and then converted into a real time data stream and sent to SL. Julian's part in the collaboration is the physical world part, that is, to capture the data and stream it into sl where I pick it up and transform it into a SL existence. He collects his cultures from local Perth ecosystems and isolates particular microcommunities in these samples, then tracks their movement and reproduction through digital microscopy, converting the data into a set of coordinates and id numbers."

So in other words, click on everything! : )

Check it out here:

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