Thursday, February 22, 2018

Will Burns Visits Linden Labs with Discussion about both Second Life and Sansar

So, I thought I'd make a note of my SL friend Will Burns' (Aeonix Aeon), experience visiting LL and CEO, Ebbe Altberg.  Will had been previously asking on his FB for a while about what kinds of things people would like to find out about SL before he headed to LL, and he writes about his experience and some of the answers to those questions here:

Hamlet Au, of New World Notes, also blogged all about it here so:

They liken Sansar as a temporary Disney Land to the Second Life return to home.  We get a little teaser of some of the things LL might have planned for both SL and Sansar.  There is still hope Second Life will remain valuable and viable enough to LL for them to continue to provide updates and new things for us. Anyway, as to the answers to some of the main questions residents posed, I'm guessing that inventory question #5  spoke to me directly..... ~sigh~.  Have a read if interested.  I'm saving this and the links here for myself.  

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