Saturday, February 3, 2018

Fading, A Cold Frog Exhibit Opening Party Today at Nitroglobus Gallery

Visit here:

Nitroglobus has been brining us wondeful art exhibits for many years in SL. Owner and curator, Dido Haas, also has a great blog where you can read more about this exhibit here:

"The pictures exhibited @ Nitroglobus are works Cold made some time ago, because nowadays her health doesn't allow her to make new ones, as her RL sight is fading away." Dido goes on to say it best, "This exhibition is something of a retrospective of Cold's past work, as well as a tribute to her creativity, and moreover, to her in general for the cool and crazy avi she created.Most photos exhibited are autobiographical and all deal in a way with suicide and death, not strange because Cold's theme in life is 'the unbearable darkness of being'. However, there is lots of humor too in her work, so don't be afraid to get too depressed."

The opening party is 12pm SLT today, Saturday 2-3-18.  DJ Ferdy will be playing a list of Cold's fav songs.

This is another group of my Flickr friends from long ago who have great skills and make some great exhibits and opening parties, so be sure to check it out.

Fading by Cold Frog at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery

I found a 2015 bio. in my inventory on Cold Frog from a prior exhibit she had at Nitroglobus and thought I'd share it here as it can be fun to learn more about the artists in SL:

"I came to SL about 7 year ago coz of 'HUMO' a Belgian magazine that had a sim here in SL.
So that meant meeting Belgian folks here, my fellow country men/women.
Soon it became clear to me that just chatting in SL wasn't satisfying enough.
I needed a creative goal: I tried building but didn't have the patience to learn. Later on I became a member of Within, now known as Madpea who create games in SL.

It's there in Madpea that I started to take pictures as I liked to play havoc on their games without giving away clues how to play the games. I started a blog there.:
At Madpea I met a lot of creative people; among them the best builders of SL. For more info about the place:

I also had a blog where I placed pictures that fitted the songs I linked; again often with a humoristic touch. But now most of the links to Youtube are broken or do no longer exist sooo if you wanna try: here's the url:

Later on I discovered there was a rather large community on FLICKR that posted Second Life pictures. I was surprised about the quality of some of the works. I wanted to try too and until now it's been a learning process for me.

So a big thx to Dido and Nitro who think some of my works are good enough to be shown here at Nitroglobus gallery. All my work shown here is new and never shown before but exclusively made for this expo.

Humor is very important to me and you can still find that element in my work and in the avatars i choose to wear ^^

When making the art works shown here in this gallery I used a lot of the awesome (free) items of Capcaqt Ragu and Meilo Minotaur. Good Cross was so kind to give me rights to rezz on his sim. I like to thank them all for their generosity.

Cold Frog
More of my work you can find on my Flickr page:

(Keep in mind that was from 2015.  Also note the new MadPea blog site is here:

I popped over early for a couple of teaser pics. 

Fading by Cold Frog at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery Fading by Cold Frog at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery Fading by Cold Frog at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery

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