Wednesday, February 28, 2018

26 Tines, Lady Carmagnolle, and Tilt-A-Whirl, By Bryn Oh in Immersiva

(The above video is by Bryn Oh made in 26 Tines on Immersiva in Second Life. This is one of 3 videos associated with the sim builds)

Bryn Oh's Single Scene Poems
Visit Immersiva here:

Last night and tonight I visited Bryn Oh's 26 Tines, Lady Carmagnolle, and Tilt A Whirl in Immersiva. The place is awesome, with amazing lighting and textures and interesting scenes.  At each of the 3 main scene areas be sure to click around as there are three primary associated machinima which you can link to by hitting the right things and accepting the link.  The machinima video links are also available at the landing zone if you happen to miss clicking the right things to get them while in the immersive area.   There are also some very fun pose/animation places, so get clicky.  Be sure to look closely at things.  The machinima by Bryn are so well done you don't want to miss watching them. I don't think I even need to say more about Immersiva.  Just go visit as, it's very cool to explore and experience first hand. the poems and stories are also touching.   Be sure to use the recommended settings suggested at the entry if possible.

Check out Bryn's web site too for more insight:
And if you have inworld group space be sure to join the Immersiva group as Bryn offers notes with other interesting art experiences in SL as well as Immersiva updates.

I ran across the beautiful and surreal Bryn while visiting Immersiva and also took the below pics.Immersiva

The ticket booth in front of Lady Carmagnolle, the first in a series of single scene poems by Bryn Oh.


26 Tines is the 2nd in the series.. this one is a cool explore.. (hint, you get to go underground!)

Bryn Oh, Single Scene Poems 26 Tines Bryn Oh, Single Scene Poems 26 Tines Bryn Oh, Single Scene Poems 26 Tines

Tilt-A-Whirl, 3rd in the series-FUN pose spots.

Bryn Oh, Single Scene Poems 26 Tines Immersiva bryn oh_036 Tilt-A-Whirl, Immersiva Bryn Oh, in Immersiva

For more of my pics, click on one and head on over to my Fickr if you like.