Monday, November 14, 2016

Telrunya Winter Wonderland

Visit  Telrunay Winter Wonderland here:

This is a beautiful peaceful sim to explore.

The sim info. reads: "Welcome to a new chapter of the Telrunya sims, a truly magical Winter Wonderland in its captivating and unique beauty. A gorgeous landscape where time stands still, especially made for you... to just be."

The sim owner/designer, Nessa Zamora's profile states: "My goal with these sims is to offer these places of peace and tranquility to everyone who needs it, for their own reasons. To be yourself, no matter what color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, looks, illnesses... Here you can be you, just as you are. Welcome."

This is exactly what I felt and saw.. serenity and peace. This snowy wintry land has plenty of serene places to rest, skating, dancing, and exploring.

I noticed this sim is on the SL Destination guide and then I noted Inara Pey already blogged this sim  with a lovely description that really captures it so rather than repeat everything everyone has said, I'd direct you to her post here:

For some beautiful pictures check these out:

Telrunya winter, Diamond Island Telrunya winter, Diamond Island Telrunya winter, Diamond Island Telrunya winter, Diamond IslandTelrunya winter, Diamond Island

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