Monday, November 7, 2016

It's Time to Vote!

That's right, it's time to vote for the SL Avi Choice SLlife Award open for voting now until November 28th, and for the Americans it's also time to vote for the 2016 Presidential election before or on Tuesday November 8th.  

Avi Choice Awards voting and information can be found here:
The Avi Choice Awards is having it's final awards ceremony for the SLlife Awards December  4th. Voting will close November 28th, 2016, so get your votes in soon. 

I'd like to thank my readers and those who nominated me as I'm up for voting in the fav blogger and fav blog categories.  I'm very honored to be part of the group and fully realize as the site states this is not necessarily for the best but rather to honor and show appreciation to the nominees by voting .  I started my blog long ago for my own enjoyment, sort of to document my SL travels and share with others and it's just continued as a hobby. I do enjoy promoting places, things, and friends I appreciate in SL.  I am so thankful for all those who make my SL more enjoyable.  SL is made by the people for the people and blogging is a small way I can be a part of sharing and contributing.  I am very honored to be a part of the nominees and fully recognize this blog is somewhat of a mess compared to many but it's mine and I'll own this mess too.  It is what it is and I enjoy it and hope others do too from time to time.   Thank you so much for getting me on the list of great company. Please vote weather for me or someone else, it's a feel good way to enjoy and show appreciation to some of those who have contributed to SL for the betterment of it all.   

AVI Choice Awards Productions ― Tadeu Gartner

For actual first life American voting location information visit here:

I would also like to blog the US presidential campaign headquarter I've checked in on.  There are numerous but I'll just post about one for each candidate.  
For Second Life Donald Trump SL area with information visit here:
Trump SL

And there is also a Hillary Clinton SL area with information here:

Hillary SL

I am certainly not comparing the Avi Choice Awards and voting in the American presidential election as far as importance, but there are a few things going on with each that are interesting to watch.  namely the controversy.  With the Avi Choice Awards it's simply a way to have fun and show some appreciation to some of the people who have a hand in making the SL world go round weather that's through sim design, clothes or product design and production, providing entertainment through live music, art, blogging, management or advertisement, etc. There have been some who opt out for a variety of reason or some complain it's a popularity contest or doesn't include some of the best options.  Well that may be true. But so what? Have fun and enjoy it.  With the US presidential elections anyone alive with a TV or Internet has to have noticed there is huge controversy and polarization between those supporting each of the candidates and how the whole process is run,  and many who are not happy with either option.  Candidates get in for a variety of reasons which are not always how everyone would prefer or feels is fair.  Are there others out there who would be better?  More than likely.  But this is what we have, so I'd encourage everyone to vote.  The Avi Choice Awards is for fun while the RL presidential elections are very very important to not only Americans but really it's of worldwide importance who is elected top leader of the United States.  In the end if you don't vote you've really no reason to complain who wins later and not voting is sort of like an extra vote for the one you least prefer to win.  Have fun with the Avi Choice awards and educate yourselves before voting in the US presidential elections please.  This year one must review various medias not just main stream news to become adequately educated to vote intelligently.   May the odds be ever in your favor, may the force be with you, may the best man or woman win, etc etc and all that.  Happy voting, and if not, well, there's always SL to relax in. 

Best of luck to all the Avi Choice awards nominees and as for the US presidential elections at this point I'd just say, become informed and vote.  

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