Sunday, November 6, 2016

Dark Hive Underground Club

Visit the Dark Hive underground club here:

I found this cool industrial club and while they had a great event yesterday, sadly I missed it.  But I still wanted to blog the place as it has a awesome atmosphere.  I showed up very early this morning so few people were around but it made for a good opportunity to take some pics for the blog w/out distraction.  I used to blog clubs quite a bit when I found new or cool ones I liked and this is the first time I've visited The Dark Hive and it fits that category of cool clubs so wanted to document it here, for you the readers and for myself and future visits.
Their land info. reads:
"Dark Hive is a club for darker underground music styles like industrial, aggrotech, noise, EBM, techno, dark ambient, psytrance and more
                           [:We are Monochrome:]
/*Windlight Sky: "Alchemy Immortalis - Dark Misty Night"*/"

The club is owned by Razor (Radicalrazor) whose profile has this additional info.
"Owner of Dark Hive Underground Electronic club & lounge-
Follow me on mixcloud:
Visite us on:"

Talu told me, : The club has been in SL "1 year, owner is Razor who built the club from scratch. Club have risen in popuarity fast due to nice design, friendly folk, no shops and low lag."

A bit later Razor popped in and I snagged one quite picture.
Check it out some time if you like this sort of music and place!

Dark Hive Dark Hive Dark Hive Dark Hive collage Dark Hive. Razor (owner, Razor)

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