Saturday, November 26, 2016

FlyGearZ and Whymsee

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I received some group notice of a FlyGearZ dance duel of the huds event, so curiosity got the better of me and I popped over. I was pleasantly surprised to find a HUGE steampunk airship, Alice, filled with a bunch of ppl, mostly decked out in steampunk gear, on the cog dance spots.  After instructions and introductions we danced with the dance leaders Ki, Kiran Sporg and Jenna Dirval who led from the front stage.  The location was the FlyGearZ steampunk airship complete with many moving giant cogs and clock tower.  The event was the duel of the dance huds with full audience participation.  I grabbed some pics to show here, then cammed a little to also get a shot of WhymseeDancer Metaharper the dance bot that caches dances.  The sim is home to Whymsee and FlyGearz events and apparently various other explore areas to cuddle, play and experience according to the sim info.

The group states:
"FlyGearZ: What is FlyGearz? First and foremost, we are a group of like minded, carefree dance oriented, party peeps! What kinda of party peeps, you ask? Think of your self as a passenger on board the magical Danceship "Alice" where your in-flight entertainment is YOU; dancing like crazy!We promise the crew will take good care of you! As with any flight, seating is limited to 50 or so  prime "seats.""

Jenna gave me a some extra info. when I asked such as
-- the Facebook Whymsee link here: and FlyGearZ here:
-- frequency of events: Whymsee 3 weeks out of the momth  and FlyGearZ 1 time a month.
--owner name: Cordie, Cordelia.cerise whose been doing this for years, although Jenna more recently has been helping with PR and Whymsee and FlyGearZ  and FlyGearZ duel of the dance huds
-- and more of the event info. like the Whymsee theme and set is different every week with a big show once a month with big show set changes but the FlyGearZ stays steampunk and the airship stays in the air all the time.

FlyGearZ FlyGearZ FlyGearZ FlyGearZ FlyGearZ FlyGearZ

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