Thursday, November 10, 2016

Leonard Cohen, Rest in Peace

Visit the SL Leonard Cohen Club here:

 It was announced Thursday October 10, 2016 well known Canadian poet, singer, songwriter, and novelist Leonard Cohen passed away.  He actually passed away November 7th but his death wasn't announced until the 10th.  The cause of death hasn't been released yet.  He recently declared he was ready to die, then exclaimed himself as over dramatic and said he planned on living forever which he will indeed do through the legacy of his music and many works.  His SL namesake club, The Leonard Cohen Club, seems pretty busy and I'm sure many fans are paying their respects. 

If you've been living under a rock or you just want to get up to date, you can learn more about Leonard Cohen at his official site here:

Wiki also has some great information here: (21 September 1934 – 10 November 2016)

He's released 26 albums beginning in 1967 and the most recent, Berlin DJ Paul Kalkbrenner’s remix of Leonard Cohen’s new single “You Want It Darker” premiered Oct 7 2016. 

Leonard Cohen is well known for his long deep rich voice, many music and other awards won, and the "Hallelujah" song sung by many. 

Second Life has over time honored Leonard Cohen in various ways. The two biggest shows of affection I can recall are through the current Leonard Cohen Club and then in 2012 there was a art exhibit where all the artists involved did an image depicting a Leonard Cohen song. My blog post regarding that exhibit can be found here:

I can almost hear him singing his final Hallelujah. Rest in Peace.

Leonard Cohen Leonard Cohen Leonard Cohen Leonard Cohen

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