Saturday, May 24, 2014

SL Annual Goth Fair Through June 1

Goth Fair 2014
I guess I was on vacation during the major event, World Goth Day May 22nd, but the 3rd annual SL Goth Fair runs May 15th through June 1st, so it's still going on including a variety of events, and I am here checking it out now.  The event is produced by Cursed Events. This event has a nice summary so I'll just copy parts of it here:  
   "Hi and thanks for your interest in World Goth Fair 2014. This is our third year, and once again we're raising money for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation ( The Sophie Lancaster Foundation is a UK based charity that was founded in the wake of the brutal murder of Sophie Lancaster, a young woman who was killed for being a goth.
 The fair will run from May 15 at noon SLT through June 1.......  World Goth Day (May 22) events will occur at the Gothika Mobile Unit, and several other music related event are planned through the run of the fair.  All the info you need about the fair can be found on our website: "

Goth Fair 2014 takes place on three sims- Cursed (adult), Sium (moderate) and Port Seraphine (general). Cursed and Sium are adjacent. Port Seraphine is not attached and requires a teleport to reach. Visit the Goth Fair here: at Cursed 128, 128, 22 which is also attached to Sium and vist Seraphine here:
Goth Fair 2014
  All 3 areas are a good explore for the scenery and builds, shopping, and some nice freebies too. There are a variety of products so probably something for everyone. Get your goth on and we'll see you there!" Have a goth day!

Goth Fair 2014

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