Sunday, May 4, 2014

Stand up... Stand out... Shimmer!
Visit here inworld:

A friend of mine, Mr. Moose (mistahmoose), has a new store, "Shimmer" and he's making original fitted mesh clothes along with his partner, AnnariaB, who is doing textures, photo ads and more. This is a very talented pair who I look forward to seeing some great products from.  As you can see, I modeled this adorable summer outfit for them and was very honored to do so, as it's absolutely beautiful.  If you take the link at the top of this post you can see what they've added to market place to date and the second link is their inworld store.  They offer sandals and wedges with multi-color huds for slink feet, dresses, again with multi-texture huds, jewelry and hats all for a reasonable price, or shoes sold separately if desired.  I ran over to the store to have a look, and took a pic of me in the same dress so you can see the cute back.  The rest of the textures/colors in the hud are just as beautiful too! They have a cute group gift out at the store. 

The Flickr ad states, " Designed By Mistahmoose, Textures by AnnariaB (And the photo!), Modeled by Kara Trapdoor
Beautiful summer outfit, Comes with Hat, Necklace, Slink Flat foot shoes, and a fitted mesh dress with five textures And a HUD!  Has LOLA appliers!  Features Materials!
Excited to release it and share it here with you all!" 

Be sure to check Marketplace for all the details.
shimmer_003 shimmer_005

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