Monday, May 26, 2014

Rico's Tea House, LTD Open House, Tempura Island 6th Anniversary Events, and The Bookmite Warehouse

Visit Rico's Tea House at Isle of Flux here:
I stopped by Rico's Tea House this morning for a little breakfast in the café and ran into HKM Bookmite, a friendly sort who introduced me to his "Bookmite Warehouse" where they have fun events.  We thoroughly enjoyed the very elegant ambiance, good food, and some nice conversation. 
Rico's Tea House
The tea house structure is made by Kaya Angel (of Angel Manor and who also made the Lefevre Mansion) so you know it's of exquisite quality.  Rico's Tea House is owned by the Clarity Flux family, Rico Racer Flux and Editorial Clarity who now have the LTD (Love to Decorate) magazine I also enjoy.  LTD is having their open house on the sim so you can still visit there until 12pm SLT today.  You can find the magaine here:
Rico's Tea House
Edi is well known for his exceptional decorating skills and that also shows in the décor selections at the tea house and grounds. The sim is adjacent to the Isle of Clarity and the LTD Design Island.  The land info. states: "Rico's Tea House is a stylish hangout spot for those who are looking to relax, socialize, meet new people, chat with friends or simply do some work in stunning surroundings.  Tea, Coffee Shop, Cafe, Restaurant, Food, Dinner, Hangout"
Rico's Tea House Rico's Tea HouseI I roamed the area, enjoyed the formal yet relaxed indoor and various outdoor seating areas, and explored the scenic grounds.  This is a highly detailed great sim for hanging out with friends, taking photos, and enjoying relaxing nature areas. There is a bit of whimsy and a few ride toys if you care to take the kids along for a visit, or for the child in us all.  One can even hang out on their large beautiful docked sailboats or lay out by the pool and catch some rays.   It's on the SL destination guide as it deserves to be.  All in all a beautiful place to visit.
Rico's Tea House Rico's Tea HouseRico's Tea HouseLTD
(Note: the last photo is of the LTD Open House on the adjacent sim)
Then Polly Reina and Mike AKA: xxMikexx bebb the chameleon who are officers at Tempura dropped in for a chat and some drinks.  Tempura is one of my all time favorite sims and she mentioned they are actually having their 6th birthday celebration there later today and gave me some info., so since I do love that place very much I will also pass that info. on here in this post as well. 
And now for the additional information I learned of while visiting:

Tempura Island is one of my all time favorite explores, so if you have never been there are you seriously missing out and need to run and check it out.  This sim is owned by kikunosuke.eel, visit here:
Polly passed me info. about Tempura's party today and I'll quote the note here:
"Dear Tempura Friends,
We are very happy to announce that on May-25th TEMPURA SIM celebrate 6 years of existing.
For this event we are running several events.
During this month on TEMPURA blog there were send wishes and greetings from Friends and Family of TEMPURA to TEMPURA.
We wish to send heartfelt gratitude to all of them and to all of you visitors of TEMPURA.
Our celebrating Day will be on May 26th ( Monday ) with concert of very popular SL performer
Lisa Brune.
You are all invited in TEMPURA ball room.
Date: MONDAY, may 26-th
Time: 6AM SLT
Duration:  1h/show
Please be dressed appropriate for this occasion.
We will be very happy to see you there :)
Let's celebrate together!
With much Love,

Addendum: Mikey Hax continues Djing for us now, so hurry on over!
HKM Bookmite told me of the Bookmite Warehouse he co-owns with his partner, heart Bookmite where they host events each Friday.  This Friday they feature music by Penny Layne starting at 5 PM SLT on Friday, May 30th. Use the Magic Mirror to teleport up to the Warehouse. I checked it out and found it to be a beautiful romantic spot with great music and dance atmosphere for couples and the trendy cool warehouse in the upper level.  Another great find!
Visit here:
Bookmite Warehouse

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