Saturday, May 10, 2014

Coalition Football Time! Party 5-10-14 7pm SLT

Visit the official web site here more info. or if you are interested in playing, cheering, watching games, sponsoring, helping out, or just having some fun with this huge group in SL. 
Visit the Facebook site for more info. here:
Destination Guide link here:

(See party invite info. at the bottom of the post for a party tonight hosted by our team and squad)

The above pic I took of my squad, The Cowboy's sweethearts.
The "Fan's Photo" by Geena Carminucci below: coalition football
And a pic I took of some of the guys at a scrimmage cowboys_011 There are a lot of cool events associated with the league and it's a great way to make a lot of good friends and have fun. Check it out.
And tonight our team and squad are hosting a meet and greet party tonight at 7pm SLT..... hope you can make it!  SLurl here:


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