Wednesday, May 28, 2014

CST Designs Show Saturday May 31st at 2pm SLT

Visit here:

My friend CindyS Tatham makes some super nice clothes and is having a show this weekend.  I put on one of my fav dresses she makes called Lyneth, and my friend Kathy also has the same dress in another texture so we put them on and posed up in Cindy's store by her ads and took a photo for me to post here so you can see how pretty they are.

The information note on the CST DESIGNS show by AIM Productions states: "CindyS Tatham has been apart of Second Life since September 2007. She has been a successful photographer in her own right and is now taking on the SL fashion industry creating her own line of clothing called the CST DESIGNS collection. Her artistically created clothing are both fashionable and high quality. Every piece of clothing is carefully produced to perfection. Cindy’s attention to detail is evident in all her creations and you will feel like a fashion diva in them. Let your inner self shine wearing a CST DESIGNS original."

Come on over to her live show and bring your friends and/or watch the show live ( brought by AIM Productions.                              
and read all about it in ModeLS magazine : →

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