Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pranksters and Memes

A while back I suggested Strawberry Singh do one of her Monday Memes on practical jokes in Second Life, since I tend to be a fan as long as they don’t cross over into griefing or causing potential defamation, harm, or really making someone feel bad, overly embarrassed or angry.  She used this practical joke idea for her meme this past Monday and I’m finally getting around to blogging it myself.  See her meme list here:
I have enjoyed a few practical jokes over my time in SL and some just verge on creating a fun or nice surprise while others do qualify as a real practical joke.  What spurred me to suggest this for one of Strawberry’s memes is that since I’ve been hanging around The Station and the friendly folks over there,  I’ve been up to a little no good myself on occasion for fun. 
the station_004 by Kara 2

*The Prank- Soon after I met sim owner Enigmatic Deir I decided he needed his place toilet papered so I went about tping his place leaving waving strips of  the white stuff hanging from the ceiling and furniture and rolls of it lying all about.  When I was about done two of his good friends and sim managers showed up to see, and we decided to take some “delightful” photos of the 3 of us to also leave for him.  To this day one of those pics hangs in his bedroom and is also in his profile picks. 
*The Revenge-E was quick with the revenge gifting each of us a crazy, deranged, blood pecking, chasing, crazy steampunk chicken.  The thing is truly annoying and relentless once rezzed.  Then he put one or maybe a couple of these beasts in his funhouse over at The Station here:   and I can’t even draw a weapon quick enough to shoot that sucker.  I began plotting revenge immediately. 

*The Prank-The 3 of us girls left chicken feathers and pieces all over  his place along with photos and a video of us doing away with his chicken demon. 

 *The Revenge-Not long after that the 3 of us girls who participated in the above pranks each rezzed into our homes only to soon find a huge amount of motion trigger explosives, that yes, exploded all over the place.  Luckily I'm fast with the camera at times and caught a couple of  pics of the explosion.

enig prank_001 by Kara 2enig prank_001 by Kara 2

*After that I took to leaving special notes and once filled E’s place with over 300 balloons in the main room so that when he rezzed in he was mostly covered with poppable balloons.  When he IM’d me asking if I left something in his place that he would be returning, I told him to hang on I was on my way over to help pop those suckers as I did NOT want over 300 balloons in my inventory.
*The Revenge- ok so his latest prank to me was a bit off the charts and naughty so I can’t reveal it here but now I need to think of something extra special to get him back with… anyone have any great ideas?
Over time I’ve done little pranky things to other friends, some others that come to mind are leaving porn under my neighbors office desk,  parking my trike, then stack of rusted old cars, and other things in the office parking spot he so kindly made for me.  Of course he was worse.  Once we were in a meeting talking about very serious stuff and there was a box of truffles on the office table we sat around.  The next thing I knew one was on my nose and then a few other unmentionable places.  I was laughing so hard and I couldn’t get the things off me until it dawned on me to delete them as I was the one who had left them on the table in the first place.  Thankfully no one else noticed.   Of course it’s always easier to prank when you have rez rights and/or the other person’s build perms.  Anyway, those are just a few of the fun things I remember.  Let me know if you have some other cute good prank ideas. 

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  1. I've seen that video before but every time I see it I crack up laughing! You guys are hilarious, hahaha. Thanks for the great meme idea! <3