Sunday, January 5, 2014

LEA6 A Cathedral Dreamer

Visit here:

LEA6 by Kara 2
(West building)
I took a trip over to LEA6, A Cathedral Dreamer, featuring fractal art by Gem Preiz that opens tomorrow Monday, January 6 at 2 pm slt at LEA6, as part of the LEA Full Sim Art Series.  I snapped a shot of Gem then took a few quick pics while here.   I will explore more later when it's actually officially open but it consists of four main buildings.  There is a nice info. card at the landing which I always appreciate. The Sim consists of four exhibition halls served by a central square where visitors arrive.  "The central and empty square is a kind of crossroads symbolizing the choices which each of us inevitably has to make about the various attitudes towards Life, the world and other people, and the halls represent my own experience of it."  So be sure to read the note, there are suggested lights and info for each of the 4 spaces. 
lea6 1_006 by Kara 2
(North building above)                                                                                           (East building below)
lea6 1_004 by Kara 2

(Gem)                                                                                                              (Me in the south building)

LEA6 by Kara 2Gem at LEA6 by Kara 2

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