Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beat That!

Let This Be A Challenge To You All by Kara 2

Woot.. high score!  Beat THAT! hehe- really, come ride the mechanical steampunk bull.  I currently have high score, and that's actually a decent score that I'm predicting won't be bested for quite some times.  But try if you like! :)  This beast bucks, spins, snorts, and flares but I think I have him under control!

Plus the whole sim is a great explore with tons to see, do, and find (much hidden too) There's everything from many various rides (very unique) 2 clubs, 2 theaters, one can be booked for free, art gallery, fun house, stores, floating city, dead city, underwater area, inexpensive rentals, zeppelins, games, casino, MANY hidden fun places to explore some naughty, some nice, some funny, some fun, Check it out.. don't get lost. 

Visit here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Station/234/93/1025

On another note... ok folks I'm curating The Skywalk gallery on this same sim that is hosting a community exhibit and contest where we are asking YOU to slide a pic into a board there in hopes of winning some Linden but especially to have your image exhibited for fun.  This would be a great Valentines gift showing a loved one maybe a pic of them for the theme "What is Love?" .  Full details at the sim We'd love to have your poem, special words, RL or SL pictures about love which could be your hunny, pet, kids, nature, etc.  Please come have a look.  We have a lot of boards left and it's off to a slow start, although what is there is a intriguing variety.  Thanks
What is Love Exhibit and Contest by Kara 2
We want YOUR art (poem, RL or SL, words, images, photos, drawings, cartoons, etc)

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