Saturday, January 11, 2014

Karoke Anyone?

The Station in Second Life is a huge sim full of multiple clubs and theaters and tons of things to explore, but it has this one club area called The Attic where people can come do open mic by arrangement or if a regular can sort of manage their own like Av does every Monday at 6pm SLT. Anyway, they've got a few people who want to give it a try so are considering maybe a Saturday or something to just give a bunch of people a chance to try a song or two sort of karoke style to see how they like it.  And I got to thinking about karoke and which songs might be good for that and I found this guy on Youtube who puts lyrics to dub step and instrumental type songs, and maybe I'm easily entertained but OMG its' too funny to me.  Hey, maybe even I could do this for karoke night? Anyway.. It can start out a little slow so skip around  or go to minute 3 or so and you get a good feel for why I'm still laughing.  it's extra funny to me as I know someone who does a great dub step sort of old beat box fashion and sounds good at it too.  Hehe.. Ok, Karoke here I come!

And if you want to do some karoke or open mic let me know or visit The Station in Second Life and check it out.

Excision & Space Laces - "Bounce" [Destroid] | LYRICS! (+playlist)
Found this on Youtube

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