Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Chapter Four and Pocket Pets!

Visit here:

The Chapter Four re-opened again yesterday on the 4th with new products. I was actually looking forward to this one in plans of finding the pocket pets by Birdy in the gacha area.   The place was packed as was to be expected on the first day opening again, but I found the little guys right away among the many items The Chapter Four has to offer from clothing, furniture, novelties, etc., and went right to work buying up several of these little guys for myself and friends at only .50L each.  They are adorable and come with huds to change the pocket to match the color of the shirt or jeans or whatever area of your clothing you want a pocket with pet on (44 color options, resize, hud, attach anywhere) .  And no your don't have to feed or care for them.   Here is a link to see them up-close and with more info:

Pocket pets by Kara 2

First I got some kittys, pugs,  and bunnys of various colors then yay I got the rare corgi then the coveted SLOTH!  Woot!  I'm so happy the simple things can give me such pleasure because these really do.  Even my partner E likes my pussy. (whoops did I just say that?, yes I did)  Everyone liked the little critters as they are way too cute. 

Pocket pets by Kara 2

                                           (Yay!  The sloth, the coveted rare sloth!)

The Chapter Four by Kara 2
The Chapter Four by Kara 2

So here is the place, The Chapter Four, direct link given at the top of this post.  And the next pic shows the corner you want to look for if going for these cute pets. 

Want more info. about The Chapter Four?  Check out their web page here:

The gist of it is as they state on their blog:

"...takes you to the best shopping journey of your Secondlife..

The Chapter Four is a monthly shopping event. Open every 4th day of the month for 2 weeks long. We provide four rooms with four different sale theme/system and various stores.

- Chapter 1 : Buy 1 for 2
In this room, you can find products from various stores and purchase 2 items for the price of only one.

- Chapter 2 : Half Price
In this room, the prices of the products will be half of the main store price.

- Chapter 3 : Under 100 L$
In this room, prices of the products will be under 100 L$.

- Chapter 4 : Gacha
Try your luck to win the rare items from the gacha machines of varius stores!"

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