Saturday, January 4, 2014

Annwn Willows Update -Explore Second Life

Annwn mermaid.jpg by Kara 2

Annwn mermaid.jpg, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.

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Annwn Willows has been remodeled and so I went over and explored a little, taking a few pics along the way.  This time around, the mainland is covered in a lot of deeper water and if you swim around you can find this cool colorful group of fish that have some fun poses built in. The water itself is pretty photographic with lots of lights and reflections which you can sort of see in the above pic.   I donned a mermaid outfit for some photos with the fish then ventured up to the sky level which has not changed much as far as I can tell but is still very fun with the rezzing flying bird and fun pose spots. 
Annwn by Kara 2

Annwn.jpg by Kara 2
As you can see from these two similar pics taken on a chair poser in the sky level windlights work great at Annwn and to top it off there are some cool northern lights up there if you like to take photos. 

I visited the store area which again has not changed much but still great looking, then went back to ground level above water and snapped a couple more pics such as this floating rock formation and the boat area. If you look close you can even see me flying one of the bird rezzers, which is a unique way to tour.  Sim by Joanna Corith.  Check it all out again.

Annwn by Kara 2

Annwn by Kara 2

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