Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gladys Knight and The Pips Cross Over Event

The Primier event has come and gone, but I have hopes there may be some follow up appearances!  This event was so much fun, well executed, and super special in that real life celebrities came into SL just for the event, and even talked and answered questions.  That's right, yesterday William Franklin Guest, one of The Pips of Gladys Knight and The Pips, and Lady Dhyana, Dr. Dame Dhyana Zeigler, co-authors of the book, "Midnight Train FROM Georgia" were in SL.  (see here: )  See also following post for a great deal of information about the event.

My friend Sonicity Fitzroy is first life friends with Lady Dhyana and she put together this event together with her partner Belinda Barnes and Lowe Runo all of SoNice Productions, RingMyBel Productions, and Lowe Runo Productions.  On a personal note I was privileged to helped a little bit behind the scenes and got to be in Skype conversations with the guests of honor.  I was very impressed with their friendly, gracious and enthusiastic engagement with those of us in Skype regarding the production.  William was very congenial and they both very much enjoyed their avatars made for them by Sonicity and Belinda.  Soni and Bel also made the avatars for the tribute show following the talk by William and Lady Dhyana, that included Gladys and the Pips as seen in some of my photos.  I think they did an exceptional job making the avatars look like the actual people.  Lady Dhyana and Willam used the avatars made for them and handled them very well considered they have just been in SL for a couple of days and they have taken over their avatars now,  so maybe they will be around SL again in the future.  The show Pips and Gladys avatars are maintained by the companies presenting the show, but the group/band was set up and run for the tribute concert by Definitive Rock Concerts.  Miles 11thHour DJ'd leading into the event. 
pips3.jpg by Kara 2

William and Lady Dhyana spoke on voice for about 30 minutes about their experiences with the group giving some family background history, and information about record lables and their travels and experiences.  William's smooth voice and clear story/memory telling led for a exciting, interesting event.   Lady Dhyana's energy, enthusiasm, and personal life involvement seems to tie the whole of the family memories together for the book.  I was privy to a little extra information since I was on Skype with the production group during the event and learned that Lady Dhyana and William had done 3 prior interviews (first life) earlier in the day already Saturday prior to this SL event.  I also learned that they both really enjoyed seeing and being the avatars and felt they were very well made and good likenesses of them.  William obviously is a little older in first life and they commented how much his avatar looked like him and looks like one of their relatives now in first life.  They had some family member gathered around them watching their computers as they gave their SL talk and they were all enjoying Second Life and the crowd, band, and looks of the avatars.  It was also fun to see them enjoying the crowd and dancing in Second Life to the tunes of Gladys Knight and The Pips.

Pips17.jpg by Kara 2

pips12.jpg by Kara 2

An interesting thought about this presentation is that a first life historical celebrity was present to talk about his history in show business and all the public presence and yesterday was able to see the future in one way media also can present his story to people around the world via an avatar and virtual world.  Can you imagine how that must feel? 
pips8.jpg by Kara 2

(Lady Dhyana, Belinda Barnes, Sonicity Fitzroy, William Guest, myself, Kara Trapdoor, and Lowe Runo)

This event was produced by SoNice Productions, RingMyBel Productions, & Lowe Runo Productions
with Tribute Concert engineered by Definitive Rock Concerts (DRC).   
Event held at the co-partnered sim, Virlantis (Southern Illinois University & University of Western Australia).
Gladys Knight & The Pips Avatar creations by Belinda Barnes, RingMyBel Productions.
Choreography, Puppetry, Lighting and Dance Floor Animations by Definitive Rock Concerts.
pips5.jpg by Kara 2
pips10 by Kara 2

(I even got a nice shot of myself with William, the guest of honor!--A very nice gentleman indeed)


  1. Damn Apmel missed this. He plain forgot. Great pics!

  2. Thanks Apmel! And, yes, this was a special event, sorry you missed it. We can only hope there might be more to come.