Saturday, November 30, 2013

Calas Galadhon's Hauntingly Beautiful Take on Christmas This Year: "One Christmas Night"

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Calas Galadhon's hauntingly beautiful take on Christmas this year. "One Christmas Night"
Truck and Ty did it again. I didn't think it possible for them to top their Calas Galahdon sims but they have added "One Christmas Night" and just WOW!  These guys are amazing.  This is a must see sim.

Silvermyst by Kara Trapdoor

Turn your lights to the suggested sim windlights in the note where you land (or default/midnight) for a very cozy night experience or pop the lights up a little to be able to see further like I did for a few photos that were a bit lighter.  The feeling intended is a quiet winter night.  It all starts with a smooth sleigh ride (one for up to 4 friends or another for couples) that provides  a very scenic tour of the sim.  It's long enough to thoroughly enjoy the ride and see all and if on the couples ride have a very romantic time.  It lands you at a nice skating area near their gorgeous building that houses a large dance area, a cozy fireplace seating area (that has some nice free things if you click around), a huge huge tree with presents underneath, and the piano area for their events.  Explore around and you will find cute animals roaming around, and a reindeer flying tour for singles or couples.  There are also some very nice areas to sit or cuddle and intans all around that sort of look like sun dials.  The sim recently opened to group members and today 11-30-13 to the public.  Check it out for a super nice time.

Untitled by Kara Trapdoor
Enigmatic Deir and I enjoyed both the reindeer tour ride as well as the beautiful sleigh ride followed by some dancing then exploring the skating area, the beautiful ballroom and events building and all the cute little areas around the sim.

Untitled by Kara Trapdoor

Enigmatic and I Enjoying Silvermyst by Kara Trapdoor
One Christas Night at Silvermyst by Kara 2

(And below I snapped a shot of Truck and Ty enjoying the sim themselves!)
Truck and Ty at One Christmas Night by Kara 2